Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter 2014

We had such an awesome Easter. It's hard to have a crummy time when you are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus, the One that came to save us from our very own sins.

The kids and I left on Wednesday for Memphis, Hays came on Friday and we stayed until Saturday. We got home just in time to get a good nights rest before celebrating at our church and with Hays' family. 

Olivia was a tad excited to go see her Nano. So much that the night before we left she colored Nano this beautiful picture. She just gets a little excited when we go to Memphis.

We had fun hanging out at the park with the cousins after getting kicked out of story time at the library for being too loud. When you have these four together there's no being quiet but the librarian just didn't understand that.

We ventured to Nano and Pop's church for round one of Easter egg hunting.

By the look of that basket, it's safe to say it was a successful hunt for the girl.

And brother bear found his fair share too.

Then it was on to round two with the family. 

He's a little perturbed about his empty basket...

Ford and his Pops. He LOVES his Pops.

The whole crew. Yes, folks that's eight kids under the age of 9. It gets crazy and LOUD.


We gathered up and traveled home late that night just in time for the Easter bunny to come visit.

Then it was round 3 with the Collins clan.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Ballerina

Olivia had dance pictures a few weeks ago because her big dance recital is only weeks away. We got to sit in on the last little bit of her dance class last week and she did awesome! This little diva is digging dance class and I am loving every minute. Who doesn't love a beautiful little girl in the most adorable tutu doing curtsy's?


These two love the outside. The other day we went on a quick run that wasn't so quick. I bet we stayed outside for a solid two hours going walking, running a little, stopped by the water on two different trails and threw in rocks and then had a nice little picnic lunch. I know this makes Hays' heart happy, it sure does mine.

The BIG Boy

Well, I guess I got some news that I had been expecting for quite some time now. The speech therapist called last week to discuss Ford's progress and wanted to give me some advice that would help him. She told me that he is a BIG boy and it was time to start treating him like one. She could see in the little time she was with him that maybe he was being treated like a baby at home. My heart dropped because although he is my baby, I did need to start treating him like a toddler. It's hard to let go of the rocking, cuddling and doing lots of different tasks for him...but it is time. 

Daddy has taken over a large majority of the bedtime routine. They have such a great time together. 
(I do sneak in some rocking here and there though).

He still gets lots of sugars and lovin'.

He loves a good selfie.

Where did my baby go?! I feel like it was yesterday that he was born and now look at him...

Bed head.
This boy knows how to take a good nap.

Both Olivia and Ford will always be my babies. I hope they always know how much I love, care and support them. But I also have to remember that it's good for them to take baby steps out of my nest and do things on their own. It's fun to watch the big boy and big girl grow and show their personalities. There will always be a small part of  me that wishes that they would stay small and let me rock them each night and stay nice and safe in my nest.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dustin' Off the ol' Running Shoes

Well, I decided for the sake of my sanity (and my health too) to get back into it. Running, that is. Exercising helps me feel better, be a better mother and wife, have a better frame of mind and helps me reach goals. I am training for the Nashville Country Music Half marathon and have enjoyed every minute of it. I think running is my outlet, a way for me to relieve tension and stress and get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. I ran 10 miles on Saturday and am gearing up to run 11 this week. Ahhhh, just me, my shoes and some good music! Crossing my fingers for a successful race in a few weeks.

The Reason Behind It All

I started this blog when we found out we were pregnant with Olivia mainly to keep far away family and friends in touch and up to date with what was going on in our lives. My reasons have slowly changed as our lives change and we are running to keep up with two little people.

Of course, I still want our out of town family and friends to be in the know with what's going on with us but now I continue this blog for selfish reasons. My memory doesn't always serve me well and I want to be able to remember ALL of the things, little and BIG, that happened as we raised these two. Some memories are exciting, some sad, some happy and some really hysterical ones I just don't want to forget. I do my best to update frequently and keep it real. I print a book once a year with all the blog entries of that year so many years down the road I can remember what we did day to day and what kept us so crazily busy. Hopefully, these two on the cover will enjoy looking at them one day too.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Time is a Flyin'

These two are keeping me busy and time is just flyin' by!

Ford is not only walking these days but running. I promised many months ago that I would never complain about chasing him around once he was on his own two feet. I have to admit that I am loving every minute of this chasing. 

Olivia and I had some girl time on Saturday. We went to see The Little Mermaid Ballet that her dance studio conducted and then got some ice cream afterwards. 

This is about the moment that she looked over at my half eaten cup of ice cream and yelled "whooo, girl, you must be hungry!" Gotta love the honesty of a four year old.

His nickname should be cookie monster because he is just that.

On the way to a baseball game and this is what the girl wanted to bring along, her bathing suit cover up, toboggan, puppy dog with his carrying case and a tiara. The girl loves some accessories.

Ford joins me every week for my weekly grocery store trip while Sissy is at dance. Little Debbie had to help with the entertaining on this particular day.

Oh, the park our second home.
Olivia and her BFF, Gavin. She likes to take care of him.

We had a craw fish boil at church and all this girl wanted to do was eat blue sno cones the whole time.

Since it's rainy and cold out and the children's museum decided to close on Mondays, we ventured over to the Science Museum (baby went too).

Time is a flyin' and I so wish I had the ability to slow it down somehow but my heart is SO full it could burst (and well, so is my lap).