Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Out for Summer!

Can you tell someone is excited to be in relaxation mode?!
We have nothing planned for this summer but relaxing and marking items off our summer bucket list.
Cheers to a carefree summer break!

The Ballerina

Olivia's 2014 dance recital 
She rocked it like a true star.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day was a Mess

Ok, so as mothers we are the first to know that things don't always go as planned when you have little ones. Mother's Day this year was a prime example. Ford ended running a high fever the night before and I ended up staying home from church and running him to the after hours clinic twice that afternoon. Hays volunteered to stay home from church and take him to the doctor but I thought you know, I am celebrating being a mother today and I can't do that away from my sick baby. I will celebrate being a mother by BEING a mother.

It was a perfect day with breakfast in bed, staying in pajamas pretty much all day snuggled up to my boy that was free to share lots of cuddles with me. 

Olivia and Hays had gifts, flowers and even a cake made for me that afternoon.
The cake wasn't perfect (Hays may need some tips in the baking department) and the day wasn't picture perfect (seeing that this is the only pic I have to remember it) but I wouldn't change a thing about either.

*By the way, the cake looked terrible but it was's Wednesday and that cake is GONE.*

Update on Brother Bear

Ford has been improving by leaps and bounds lately. He still goes to speech therapy once a week and occupational therapy twice a week but is improving tremendously in both areas. He is FINALLY starting to talk, tell us what he wants and answer questions appropriately. This has made everyone's life much easier. :)
He still has many sensory issues to overcome in the future but there is nothing this little guy can't conquer!

Two months ago he would have NEVER finger painted. He didn't like anything on his hands and didn't want to be messy. This is Ford at OT with his fantastic therapist, Mrs.Andrea. 
He's so happy!

Look at him...he is the sweetest thing I know.

He also had his last night in his baby bed this week. Tear. Tear. And another tear.

But the transition seems to be going okay. It helps this momma a little when I still find him with the booty high in the air. :)
 Thank you to those that prayed for our sweet boy while we were going through a rough patch last year. God has a mighty plan for this little guy and He has already taught us so much by using this little boy of ours. 

Baby Doll Extravaganza

All of the sudden, Olivia is LOVING her baby dolls. For years she hasn't touched them or cared anything about them now they have to be tucked into bed and taken to the park and zoo with us.

She's a good little momma to her baby though.

The furry family member.

Girly Time

Olivia and I have a girls day every once in a while. She just loves it and will repeat to me the whole time "it's just me and you, momma...just girls." This time we went for mani/pedi's and for ice cream. 

Love some girl time with my favorite girl.

She got all snazzied up for me and put on two hello kitty necklaces. :)

This girl...she is one of a kind. 
She loves some accessories.

First dip in the pool for the little fishy this summer. Her lips were blue, her teeth chattering and her whole body was shaking but she had one heck of a time.
Love my girl, inside and out, in a bathing suit or decked out with accessories.