Sunday, January 11, 2015

The count down is on...

A New Addition

Our golden girl is celebrating 10 years with us. She is seriously the best pup and best friend for our children. We simply could not ask for a more patient, kind and loving furry sibling for our children.

We celebrated her big day by adopting her a playmate.
Meet Sandy, our newest addition!
 She is named after the dog on our, at the moment, favorite movie, Annie. She was adopted from CARA where someone brought her in after finding her alone in a ditch. We aren't positive what kind she is, how old she is(we are having to feed her formula), or how big she'll get. We are sure that we love her and she is going to be a great addition to our family. We hope Lilly will warm up to her and find her to be a best friend too.

Welcome to this crazy, fun, dog loving family, Sandy!

A Crazy New Years Eve

We have a tradition of spending New Years Eve with our best friends, Jay and Rebecca. We have gone to bowl games, Gatlinburg, rented cabins in various places, New Orleans and had parties at each other's houses. This year was a bit different with the special addition of C.C., their daughter. So this year the boys went to Atlanta for the Peach Bowl game and Rebecca and I took care of all the kids at home. It was some fun times but we wouldn't trade it for anything.

Maybe next year we'll get back to our crazy happenin's.

Silly Kiddos


These kids... they keep us on our toes.

These are MY people.

A Little Christmas Cheer...Better Late Than Never

We're a tad behind this year but better late than never. We had a really great Christmas season that was of course, jammed pack with lots of fun stuff going on.
Canton Lights

Girls date night to see Annie which is now watched about 763 times a day and the soundtrack in on repeat in the car. Glorious days.
Our Christmas tree. In about 20 years I will get my tree back and it will NOT have plastic candy and paper ornaments on it. For now, I am embracing all things plastic and paper and gaudy on my tree.
The annual Happy Birthday Jesus Party.
These little rug rats enjoy the party, we enjoy teaching them the true reason for Christmas.
Santa spreading a little cheer to Olivia and Ford.

On Christmas morning, we told the kids they would be going to Disney World for Olivia's 5th birthday. Excitement would be an understatement.

We hope your Christmas season was filled with much love, joy, laughter and love.

From Our Family to Yours